You can ship






Just have 3 things in mind

origin and destination

Weight and dimension

Is it going to a residence?

Free, no hassle shipping quotes are available with the click of a mouse. Are you paying too much for your shipping costs? Odds are, you are one of the 1 million plus businesses that ship with just 1 or 2 carriers. Well, the secret is out! My Express Freight has accounts with over 500 carriers all fighting for your business. Let us help you choose the carrier that best fits your needs. Compare your carrier discounts to ours. We are confident you will like what you see!

Let My Express Freight be your back office! Reduce your overhead, and streamline your shipping needs. We are the final search To SHIP ANYTHING, ANYWHERE.

No matter what you are shipping, My Express Freight makes it easy and affordable! Instantly quote your shipment with the click of a mouse. Our easy to navigate dashboard stores all your shipping documents, quotes, and customer contacts right on the My Express Freight Cloud! Our ShipbyCloud© option allows you to store all documents relating to your shipment in one easy and secure location. No more searching for the shipping label and your …invoices, upload… and store them for FREE. The My Express Freight ShipbyCloud© option is seamlessly integrated into your dashboard for easy access and visibility. Want to limit what your employees see? Give them their own username and password with the visibility and limitations you control!.

My Express Freight is the premier 24/7/365 online shipping platform to help you take back control of your shipping expenses.

You keep selling, we’ll keep shipping!


Through our easy-to-use ShipbyCloud@web-platform. Simply login and start shipping today!

Through a custom integration, tailored precisely to your company's needs. Full English speaking tech support available at no additional charge

Through our 24/7/365 Customer Service Line. NO ACCOUNT NEEDED ...Our friendly US based staff is available to assist, because we realize that business never sleeps...and neither do we!

Through our eCommerce Extensions. Whatever your back end office system is, our innovative, Artificial Intelligent technology will comply, at no additional charge!